Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, you will find inspiration and guidance in this collection of articles, including tips about alternative photographic processes, expert knowledge about inkjet printing, how-to guides for black & white and color darkroom printing, and much more.

Making Cyanotype Prints thumbnail
Making Cyanotype Prints

The Cyanotype, which is also known as ferro-prussiate or blueprint was invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842, when he…

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The Lure Of Collodion - Ambrotypes thumbnail
The Lure Of Collodion - Ambrotypes

When the collodion process was popular and new, only those who made negatives and prints were called "Photographers." Tintypes were…

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Chris McCaw's Sunburns thumbnail
Chris McCaw's Sunburns

Between my involvement as a teacher and with PhotoAlliance, I have the opportunity to see some very innovative work. This…

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Color Management : Color Gamut and Profiles

Color Gamut has become one of those over used terms in the world of color printing which deserves a bit…

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Quick and Easy Chromoskedasic Sabatier

Click to enlarge image Chromoskedasic is a unique darkroom process that provides fun darkroom experimentation for those who like to…

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Contrast Masking The Traditional Print

By using various kinds of contrast masks, the traditional photographer can have far greater contrast control, from subtle to extreme,…

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Looking for Kodak chemicals?

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