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Beseler 45M Complete Condenser Head Lightsource

  • $1,336.99
Currently out of stock.
Due: Sep 27, 2024
Mfg: Beseler
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The Beseler 45M Complete Condenser Head Lightsource includes two over sized 6½” optical glass condensers which work with the Beseler “Cone-of-Light” principle to maximize illumination on any film format up to 4″x5″. Contains a filter drawer for 6½”x6½” filters and high output lamp. The lightsource fits all Beseler 4×5 enlargers.

Enlarger head only.

Special Note: All Beseler 45MXT / 45VXL enlargers require item #8022 Recessed lensboard when using a 50mm enlarging lens and 35mm film. This is due to an improved bellows design. The standard flat Beseler lensboard #8023 or Delta Bes-Board #42245 can be used for other enlarging lenses with standard 39mm leica thread.

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