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Beseler 45V-XL Condenser Enlarger Kit - Head, Chassis, Baseboard

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The Beseler 45V-XL Condenser Enlarger is the standard for professional laboratory use - offering faster operation, greater productivity, increased efficiency and unprecedented versatility in a large format enlarger. The enlarger can be used to enlarge images from film sources as large as 4x5.

Its hefty, twin E-Channel, center-braced, vertical column assures that the center of the projected image remains stationary when changing image magnification. Thus, there is no need to re-position the enlarging easel, especially important with roll easel users. The extra long column permits enlargements greater than 24x on the baseboard from 35mm film with a 50mm lens.

The 45V-XL accepts the Beseler 3 lens turret, all the 45 series light sources, all 45 series lensboards, and negative carriers.

MOTORIZED OPTION: The 45V-XL has optional motorized modules to assist control of the enlarger for photographers with limited mobility (#8567, #8568, #8569).


  • 45M Condenser Lamphouse (8121)
  • 45V-XL Chassis (8545)
  • 45V-XL Baseboard (8561)
  • Bulb - (included)

Dimensions, installed with baseboard and condenser head:

  • 23.5 in. (W) x 30.5 in. (L) x 64 in. (H)


Enlarger Type B&W Condensor
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