Beseler 45MXT Enlarger Kit - Condenser Head, Chassis, and Baseboard

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Due: Sep 27, 2024
Mfg: Beseler
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The Beseler 45MXT is the latest in a series of 45M enlargers that Beseler has been manufacturing and continuously improving for more than half a century. The triangular truss reinforced, twin-girder frame provides a rock-steady foundation for this classic enlarging system, enabling it to produce tack-sharp prints from enabling it to produce tack-sharp prints from 35mm film larger than 16 in. x 20 in. on the baseboard, enlargements up to 25 in. x 38 in. on an Adjus-Table and even larger images via wall projection.  A neoprene light seal in the upper negative stage virtually eliminate stray light leakage in the darkroom.

From the onset, the 45MXT has always been a modular system, so virtually every component and accessory that fits the current enlarger will also fit every 45M enlarger manufactured since 1953. Thus the long term retained value of every Beseler 45M enlarger is enhanced by its non-obsolescence design.

Included Items

  • 45M Condenser Head (#8121)
  • Enlarger chassis (#8227)
  • Baseboard (#8232)


  • Maximum Film Size: Up to 4x5
  • Maximum Print Size On Baseboard: 16x20 (footprint - 25.5 in x 20.375 in)
  • Maximum column height: 57.5 in. (with condenser head)
  • 45MXT Chassis with Reinforced Twin-Girder Frame #8227
  • Laminated White Baseboard
  • Motorized Elevation Control and Manual Micro-adjustment
  • Projection Assembly and Bellows
  • Total assembled size 25.5 in (W) x 20.375 in (D) x 57.5 in. (H - max)
  • Bulb - (included) 

Lens, lensboard, and negative carriers are not included and are necessary to use. 

Special Note:  All Beseler 45MXT enlargers require item #8022 Recessed lensboard when using a 50mm enlarging lens and 35mm film.  This is due to a different bellows design.  The standard flat Beseler lensboard #8023 or Delta Bes-Board #42245 can be used for other enlarging lenses with standard 39mm leica thread.


Enlarger Type B&W Condensor
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