DASS ART Acrylic Panels 8x10/6 Panels

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The Archival Pigment Emulsion Transfer System was developed by Bonny Lhotka. Her DASS ART line of products enables users to coat uncoated papers for inkjet printing or transfer images from pigment-printed, Inkjet Transparency films to a wide array of substrates, including paper, metal, and ceramics.

DASS ART Clear Acrylic Panels are one of the many substrates appropriate for a variety of transfer techniques. These are used as a substrate for transferring prints, a smooth surface nearly ready for use.   There may be some size variation due to manufacturing. 

These are ideal for use with DASS ART SuperSauce and WonderSauce processes and can be used with Universal Precoat for direct imaging.


  • 8"x10", 6 sheet pack
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