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DASS ART Dual Film 8.5x11 100 Sheets

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DASS ART Transfer Film, next to your image, is the most important piece in the Archival Pigment Emulsion Transfer Process. 

DASS ART DUAL Film is the only clear film guaranteed to consistently release the pigment ink with any of the DASS ART Sauces. Simply print your image onto a piece of DASS ART Transfer film and transfer that image using transfer mediums like Alcohol Gel, DASS SuperSauce or DASS WonderSauce onto your chosen substrate. The film will release the image (pigment) during the transfer. The result can be an image resembling a Polaroid lift or transfer. Each sheet can only be used once. DASS ART Transfer Film can also be used to create digital negatives or positives for making contact prints with light sensitive polymer plates and emulsions. 

DASS ART Transfer Film is suited desktop and wide format printer using pigment inks. When printing, select a profile that uses Photo Black (like a profile for a luster paper). If possible, do not use gloss optimizer or gloss enhancer as it can impede dry time and transfer quality. Do not use Matte Black ink as it washes off if the image is de-slimed (the print is rinsed to remove the residual inkjet emulsion). Printing at higher resolutions like 1440 or 1200 dpi allow the ink to dry better which will help with the quality of the transfer. Coming off of the printer, your prints will be dry to a light touch and completely dry within an hour or two, depending on the humidity. You can either transfer them quickly or print in advance and store the images for many months before you use them. 

DASS ART Dual Transfer Film is used to transfer water-soluble pigment ink inkjet prints, using all transfer mediums such as DASS ART SuperSauce and Wondersauce to a variety of substrates. Note that film does not come with inter-leaf paper.

Suitable for the following processes and more:

  •  SuperSauce Wood Transfers
  •  SuperSauce Aluminum Transfer
  •  SuperSauce Aged Plates Transfer
  •  SuperSauce Dibond Transfer
  •  SuperSauce Paper Transfers
  •  SuperSauce Plastic Transfers
  •  SuperSauce Fabric Transfer
  •  Alcohol Gel (Hand Sanitizer) Transfer
  •  Gelatin Transfers
  •  WonderSauce Aluminum Transfer.
  •  WonderSauce Glass Transfer.
  •  WonderSauce Plexi Transfer.
  •  WonderSauce Birch Transfer 
  •  WonderSauce Dibond Transfer 
  •  WonderSauce to Yupo Paper
  •  WonderSauce to Stone Paper

    Printing Tips:

  •  Print on the side of the film that is sticky to a wet finger
  •  Select unidirectional printing when possible
  •  Do not use high speed printing
  •  Do not print at 2880 on Epson printers
  •  In the print driver or profile settings slow the print speed to allow the inks to dry better
  •  If your printer has star wheels, slow down the print speed if possible

Tip: All inkjet film and paper can be subject to humidity. If you see your inkjet film curling please follow these steps to assist in flattening before printing:

  1.  Place clean white typing paper between several sheets and roll them backwards on a cardboard tube and let them rest a day before printing on them. This will act as a D-Roller and help to flatten the curl.
  2.  Make sure to select the correct media type. If your printer has the ability to adjust the platen gap, decrease it.
  3.  Apply a 1” wide piece of artist tape to the back side of the leading edge of the film when feeding it into your printer. 

**Not to be used with dye based printers.

Double Sided No
Paper Base Tone Clear
Paper Size 8.5x11
Paper Surface Glossy
Paper Type Polyester
Thickness under 5 mil
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