Jobo Expert Drum for 8mm Movie Film #3018

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Mfg: Jobo

Jobo Expert Drum for 8mm Movie Film #3018

Develop your own super 8 film!

Super8 Film is true nostalgia. Super8 always used to capture the special moments in live. In the digital era of fleeting memories the Super8 film can again capture special moments and help to attract special attention. With the analog film artistic feeling comes automatically.

Who can deny the special flair of celluloid film rattling at 18 frames per second before your very eyes? Even the visible grain of the film and unique scratches only seem to enhance the character of the film.


  • Inner spool for 15 meters of Super 8 Film
  • Expert Super 8 drum
  • Roller Block






EAN: 4022124030189
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