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Jobo 1500 Series Multi Tank - 4 Reel Tank for 35mm and 120 Films

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Jobo 1500 series tanks are made of break resistant plastic. For quick handling, the lid is fastened to the tank base with a push-down sealing ring.The light tight labyrinth system of the lid allows fast filling and pouring-out of solutions.

Jobo developing tanks have the dual benefit of conventional use tanks and for Jobo rotary processors.
If you want to use a Jobo film tank with the processor, such as the Jobo CPP3 Processor you will need a magnet that you press onto the tank base or a cog if you use the tank on a Jobo Processor with the optional Jobo lift.

Jobo tanks are easy to load utilizing a universal film size spiral, 1501. The Jobo 1500 Multi Tank is a completely modular system that allows processing of  4- 35mm or 4- 120 reels.  It is user expandable by adding an additional 1530 extension modules to expand the capacity of this system up to 7 rolls of 35mm or 8 rolls of 120 . 

Jobo 1500 series tanks have narrow gauged reels to reduce chemistry consumption verse the 2500 series thanks that use a wider gauged reels and accepts sheet film reels as well.


  • Jobo 1540 comes with 1 Jobo 1501 adjustable reel
  • 4 Reel Tank for 35mm and 120 Films
  • For rotary processing, each tank must be fitted with a magnet or cog


  • 4 - 1501 reels for processing up to 4 rolls 35mm film
  • 2 - 1501 reel for processing 120 (2 films of 120 fit on the 1501 reels using the red film separating clip to prevent overlapping)


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