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Marc Valesella

Marc Valesella

Member, Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals


Marc Valesella A poor photograph beautifuly printed is still a poor photograph, while a great image poorly printed is a pitty. Marc received a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering in Paris, France (1977). An autodidact in photography. He started taking pictures in 1975 after meeting guy bourdin. He learned black and white printing from 1977-1979 under the guidance of jeanloup sieff. Marc next moved to Los Angeles in 1986 and started to work with large format cameras. From 1995 to present, he completed extensive research on high definition printing with small and medium format cameras using highly customized enlarging systems. Marc currently resides in Los Angeles, while working between Los Angeles and Paris. Artist Statement Most of my photographic endeavors start with the excitement of the visualization of a beautiful print, even when taken out of the context of the series. By that I mean the political or social content of a given body of work should not be used as a palliative for a beautiful image, no matter how interesting the subject. While all the serious talk about a photographer's motive is important, a fine print has a life of its own and should be an object in and of itself. The viewer's emotions when confronted with my work, are always more important to me than any message I ultimately try to send. In the medium of photography, the public seems to believe that the technical recipes are more important than those of other mediums, and so they may be. However, any technical recommendations should never be considered as final insruction but merely as a starting point for your own quest. The search enlarges us. It should not be avoided.