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Kim Weston

Kim Weston

Member, Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals


Kim Weston is an accomplished Fine Art, Black and White photographer and the son of Cole Weston. Kim and his wife Gina live in his grandfather Edward Weston's original home at Wildcat Hill in Carmel, CA, built in 1938. Kim learned photography by watching his father, Cole, printing Edward Weston's negatives. He was also fortunate enough to work with his uncle Brett for 15 years as an assistant, learning about all aspects of photography and darkroom construction. Kim has a long history of photographic education: in years past, he worked with Cole, participating in workshops that they taught together. He and Gina now carry on the tradition by offering a number of workshops in and around Carmel. In addition, he wrote a book documenting the three generations of Weston's in photography, a legacy that includes Edward, Cole and now Kim. Kim's contemporary work is done in the studio with his large format 8x10 camera, using hand painted sets and figure models for subject matter. Kim has had numerous exhibitions of his work throughout the United States and Europe. Kim and Gina exclusively represent Kim's work, and also offer photography from Edward, Brett and Cole Weston in their private gallery in Carmel Highlands, CA.