The World of Inkjet Papers Seminars

Eric Joseph Conducts an Inkjet Seminar

What's Covered In The Seminar?

"The World Of Inkjet Papers - Success or Failure... The Print Matters!" presented by Eric Joseph, Senior VP at Freestyle, will educate you on every brand of inkjet paper available from RC to Canvas. You will understand how to match the right paper to your unique image. Unlike any other seminar, you will walk away from this with the knowledge you need to enhance and excel your printmaking skills. If you've ever wanted advice on what inkjet paper to use from an industry insider and expert, this is your chance.

No fees, no pressure, just good down-to-earth information and the ability to try before you buy at your convenience.

Our basic requirements for performing the seminar is as follows:

  • We need 2 hours to perform the complete seminar. Shorter versions can be done, but it won't cover the complete line of papers and information.
  • A large space that will accommodate approximately 8 six foot tables is optimal with good lighting for viewing prints. The ideal audience size is 30-50 people. We would need the tables for the prints and enough chairs to cover the audience size. We bring about 140 prints all printed on a different paper.
  • If you have more than 50 people, we can accommodate that or break into 2 separate seminars during the day with at least a 1 ½ hour break in-between.
Photos from the world of inkjet papers seminar
Photos from the world of inkjet papers seminar
Photos from the world of inkjet papers seminar
Photos from the world of inkjet papers seminar

Request a Seminar In Your Area

In order to help facilitate our seminar planning, please provide any additional information specific to your request. For example: What types of papers are offered at your facility? Is color management and calibration part of your workflow? What type of equipment are you currently using?

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