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Which Printer Is Better? Canon or Epson?

There is no doubt that both Canon and Epson produce excellent printers. They are THE brands currently at the top of the market in terms of the equipment we use for fine art digital printmaking.

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Understanding Color Management

Color Gamut has become one of those over used terms in the world of color printing which deserves a bit of time to explain. Which inkjet paper has the widest or greatest color gamut? Which paper has the darkest, richest black? Which paper is going to most accurately represent what is seen on my computer screen? These are all great questions and represent some of the mysteries and myths of inkjet printing.

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Make A Great Black And White Print

It may seem like magic, but the steps to making a great black and white print are simple and methodical. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to paper processing, for both Fiber and RC prints, as well as some helpful hints to guide you on your way.

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