Heico Hardener for NH-5 Fixer for B&W Film and Paper - 3 oz.

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Mfg: Heico

Heico Hardener 3oz for NH5 Fixer is a stable, ready-to-use photographic rapid fixing agent; Heico Hardener is designed for use with the Heico NH-5.

Hardener is designed to harden the emulsion to the base for photographic material that has a softer emulsion.

Label Information:

Use Heico Hardener for NH-5 fixer to check swelling and consequent softening of the emulsion layer. Hardener raises the melting point of the emulsion and allows higher temperatures to be used in drying. As in fixation, adequate hardening takes place in twice the clearing time. Under proper storage conditions of temperature and light, Heico Hardener has an indefinite shelf life.

To Make 1 Gallon Hardening Fixer:

  • FILM TANK - 2 qts water, 1 qt Fixer, 0-3 oz hardener, add water to make 1 gal
  • FILM TRAY - 2 qts water, 1 qt Fixer, 0-2 oz hardener, add water to make 1 gal
  • PAPER        - 2 qts water, 1 qt Fixer, 0-1.5 oz hardener, add water to make 1 gal 

Tip: this hardener is compatible with any rapid non hardening fixer. The fixer must be diluted as described above.

UPC: 096727579004
Chemical Type Hardener
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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