Heico Perma Wash - 1 Gallon

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Mfg: Heico

Heico Perma Wash is a highly concentrated neutral liquid that not only saves a tremendous amount of time and wash water, but even more importantly provides archival permanence in both films and papers. Perma Wash saves more than 90% of normal wash water requirements which is estimated that the operating cost is one cent per 8 x 10" sheet of film or paper processed.

Washes 100-150 8x10 sheets of paper, film, or rolls of 35mm, per gallon of working solution

A one gallon bottle will make ~43 gallons of working solution.

Use 3 oz to 125 oz water to make a gallon.

Perma Wash is non-corrosive and is formaldehyde free.

UPC: 096727572616
Chemical Type Wash Aids
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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