Negative Supply Film Carrier - 120 size

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The Negative Supply Film Carrier 120 is designed to work with the Pro Mount (MK1 & MK2) and our Basic Riser MK1, Pro Riser MK2, and Pro Riser XL. With the Film Carrier 120 you’ll be able to scan entire rolls of 120 film (or a full roll of cut strips) in as little as 2 minutes or less. The Film Carrier 120 combines the build quality and efficiency of the 35mm product (Film Carrier MK1), with the flexibility to support the varying aspect ratios available in 120 and 220 film.  From 6x4.5 to 6x9 film, the Film Carrier 120 can handle it all.


  • FilmCarrier 120 Scanning Unit
  • Interchangeable Mask Set (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7). Note: 6x9cm scans are achieved by using full scanning area. No drop-in mask is required for this format.
  • Standard film guide (add Full Border Scanning Guide in the dropdown menu).
  • Scan uncut or cut rolls of 120 film
  • Achieve incredibly sharp scans with our unique magnetic hinged mask design
  • Remove dust during scanning with included dust removal brush
  • Scan the full image area + borders by adding our Full Border Scanning Guide


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