Negative Supply Enthusiast Kit for 120 Film Scanning w/ Basic Riser MK3

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The Negative Supply Enthusiast Kit for 120 Film Scanning with the Basic Riser MK3 is comprised of all-new products and represents the next generation of entry-level film scanning with professional features and performance. 

The included Basic Riser MK3 is taller and more stable than it’s predecessor, the included 4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 OR Light Source Mini are both ultra bright light sources that are between 2-4 stops brighter than the previous generation 4x5 Light Source Basic, and the Basic Film Carrier 120 MK2 which utilizes a double s-curve method of keeping your film flat, medium format masks from 6x4.5 to 6x9cm and has interchangeable inserts for future expandability!

The all-new Enthusiast Kit for 120 Film Scanning is far more capable than ever before, and will without question revolutionize the way you scan film.

Enthusiast Kit for 35mm and 120 Film Scanning Includes:

Basic Riser MK3: With a solid steel base, anodized aluminum central column, and design cues from the Pro Riser MK3, the new Basic Riser MK3 boasts a massive upgrade over the Basic Riser MK2. This is ideal for users looking to scan 35mm and 120 with nearly any camera and macro combination and even 4x5 with up to a 90mm macro lens.

Basic Film Carrier 120 MK2: Quickly and easily scan up to 6x9cm negatives in a single capture. Guarantees film flatness with all-new interchangeable cassette with a double s-curve design, and includes masks for 6x4.5 up to 6x9 and can scan full rolls in 60 seconds or less.

4x5 Light Source Basic MK2 (99 CRI) or Light Source Mini: Select from two of the most popular light sources specifically designed for scanning photographic film. Compact and bright, these are great light pads for both color and black and white film.

Basic Film Carrier 120 MK2 Stabilizing Mask: This accessory holds the Basic Film Carrier 120 MK2 firmly to the light source and helps mask extraneous light when scanning and ensures a confident workflow.

Inline Power Switch f/ 4x5 Light Source Basic or Light Source Mini: This accessory allows you to leave your light source plugged in and turn the light on and off via a toggle switch, preventing accidental movement of the light.


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