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Manfrotto #808RC4 Three Way Pan-Tilt Head with Quick Release Plate #3271

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Manfrotto 808RC4 Head replaces Manfrotto 3047 head which has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Double Axis Spring System

The 808RC4 features the Double Axis Spring System, which consists of a built in 3.31 lbs spring for both the front tilt and side tilt movements.

This innovative solution, borrowed from the video industry, helps to move smoothly the camera while framing the picture as it negates some of the camera weight. Moreover it absorbs the shock of bodies and lenses when reaching the end stop of the head movement.

Should this feature, in view of the extreme lightness of the camera and lens combination use, disturb the shooting session it is always possible to exclude one or both springs by two separate knobs.


In photography image is everything and we took this maxim to heart with the 808RC4. We have modernized the overall shape and rounded many of the hard edges to produce a fresh and elegant product. The handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand even taking into consideration your fingers. We are also using an improved coating on our quick-release lever that is more durable and scratch resistant than the past levers.

Quick Release Camera Plate

With the introduction of this head we will stop manufacturing the 3047 and 329RC4 models. This is why this head has been equipped with a 3271 type of plate: because our goal is to unify all our heads systems to only two types of camera plates, the one used on this head and the 3157N system.


  • Handle ergonomically designed for superior grip
  • ON/OFF selector for balance spring FRONT TILT movement
  • Safety Spring
  • ON/OFF selector for balance spring SIDE TILT movement.


  • Material : Aluminum
  • Maximum Height : 6.14 in (15.6 cm)
  • Maximum Load Capacity : 17.64 lbs (8 kg)
  • Tilt : -30° / +90°
  • Spring Counterbalance : Yes
  • QR Plate Supplied : 3271
  • Weight : 3.02 lbs (1.37 kg)


UPC: 719821263845
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