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Manfrotto 475B Pro Geared Tripod with Geared Column (Black)

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Reliable, stable, and intuitive, the Manfrotto 475B Pro Geared Tripod gets the job done and is an ideal choice for professional photographers. Featuring robust aluminum legs, this studio tripod features an innovative center brace structure system for easy position and smoother shooting. 

Featuring quick-action leg locks that can easily be deployed, you'll be able to start shooting right away without any time wasted. Fine-tune you positioning flawlessly thanks to the non-rollback three-faceted center column that gives you added control over your movements. This studio tripod also features a spirit level, which helps you accurately lock you positioning before a series of shoots, ideal for panoramas. Also featuring a center brace system, you'll be able to frame symmetrically or asymmetrically by locking the legs either at the same angle or locking them individually.

For added stability, this studio tripod features rubber feet which can be removed to reveal metal spikes. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of environments and terrains. Another innovative feature of the Pro Geared Tripod is the two “click stop” positions which uses the telescopic center to ensure that all the legs are locked at the same angle. Made in Italy with the highest standards of quality, this tripod was made to withstand the tests of time.



  • Anti-rotation Leg Sections: Anti-rotation tubing and leg collars make for a tripod (or monopod) that's easier and faster to open, position and close. Manfrotto uses several different types of anti-rotation system - on Magfiber and Digi series tripods, the elliptical or three-faceted shape of the concentric tubes means they cannot rotate, while on round-tubed tripods, small protrusions down the length of the tube keep sections perfectly aligned.

  • Quick Release Flip Leg Locks: Flip lever leg locks make opening, positioning and closing fast and easy. The tension of the locking mechanism is user-adjustable, and all parts can be easily serviced or replaced.

  • Sturdy all-metal construction

  • Independent leg angles: Each of the legs can be set to a different angle of spread for more flexible, versatile positioning and to help keep camera equipment well-balanced over the tripod's center of gravity.

  • Mid level spreader: Built-in mid-level spreader adds anti-torsional rigidity and stops the tripod legs from accidentally being knocked wider apart. Compared to a ground-level spreader or dolly, the mid-level spreader has the advantage that it stays well out of the mud and dirt and is more suitable for use on uneven terrain.

  • Mobile junction ring: Lockable, mobile spreader-to-column junction ring lets the tripod legs be set at various angles to either increase stability or reduce footprint.

  • Foldaway handle: Foldaway handle avoids damage in transport

  • Geared center column: Geared center column allows safe, precise height adjustment even under heavy loads.



  • Weight: 186.93 oz

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Safety Payload Weight: 26.46 lbs

  • Legs Tube Diameter: 1.39- 1.16- 0.98 in

  • Leg Sections: 3

  • Top Attachment:3/8 in. screw

  • Min Height: 16.93 in

  • Maximum Height: 74.02 in

  • Maximum Height (with Center Column Down): 63.78 in

  • Closed Length: 31.5 in

  • Upper Disc Diameter: 2.36 in

  • Bubble Spirit Level (No.): 1

  • Carrying Bag Included: none

  • Center Column: geared

  • Color: Black

  • Easy Link: No

  • Leg Type: Single

  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock

  • Maximum Working Temperature: 60 (c)

  • Minimum Working Temperature: -30 (c)



UPC: 719821195405
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