Photogenic 35mm Film Rock Glass (11oz) - Kodak 400

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The Photogenic Rock Glass is hand-made with an embedded 35mm film that is the absolute perfect gift for any film photography lover.

Perfect for beer, water, juice, smoothies, developer, fixer... just about anything you like. (Just don't drink any chemistry...)

Conceived and designed by Photogenic Supply Co., these glasses are 100% Made in the USA, and feature a real 35mm film canister that is permanently embedded in the glass. 

A truly limited edition, each glass is made by hand and subject to extremely limited supply. 


  • 11oz (325ml) rock glass (aka old fashioned or lowball glass)
  • Genuine, used 35mm film canister permanently embedded in each glass
  • Made in the USA using patented process
  • Hand wash only


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