pixl-latr Film Holder for Digitizing/Scanning - 4x5, 120, 35mm

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pixl-latr was born from a desire to simplify the process of digitizing negatives and reversal film with a digital camera or mobile phone.

We love shooting film and we love sharing it with our friends and clients as quickly as possible. pixl-latr makes this possible for 35mm, 120, and 4x5 size film without the need for a flatbed or dedicated film scanner. Film is loaded between the frame and the diffuser and the frame snaps into place. Then you lay the frame on a light source, or use the legs to prop it up near a bright window. Any digital camera or mobile phone can then shoot an image of your film for you to reverse or edit how you see fit! 

Watch a video of pixl-latr in action HERE.


  • 1 x Diffuser
  • 1 x Frame
  • 6 x Gates
  • 4 x Feet
  • 2 x Legs


The frame holds the film in place.

In the case of 4×5 film, this is on all four edges, or use the included gates for 35mm and 120.

When digitizing 35mm and 120 roll film, the frame has a cutout on each side so the film is held flat to the diffuser when in use and allow the film to be pulled through pixl-latr between the digitization of each frame.


The diffuser has the simple job of diffusing the backlight. This enables pixl-latr to be used with a wide variety of light sources.

The diffuser has a light texture. This is to prevent Newton rings occurring when the film is in contact with the surface of the diffuser.


The job of the gates is to hold 120 and 35mm roll film flat to the diffuser. The gates come in two types; horizontal and vertical, which are numbered and labeled on the rear of each gate.

The horizontal gates hold the film along the edge of the whole strip.

The vertical gates hold the film at, or close to, the edge of the frame being digitized.


Four rubber feet are included and should be placed in the corners of pixl-latr.

These feet put some space between your light source and the Diffuser, creating more even illumination.


The legs allow pixl-latr to be used upright in front of a light source such as a window or lamp.

Without legs in place, pixl-latr can be used laid flat on the screen of a tablet or light table.

Note: It is important to keep the digital camera as parallel as possible to the surface of the film to ensure even sharpness across the image.

Note: It is important to lift the frame and gates to move the film through pixl-latr. Moving the film without lifting the frame may result in damage to the surface of the film.


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