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Jollylook Mini Instant Film Camera

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The vintage instant camera that works with Instax mini film, and is made from recycled cardboard!

Jollylook - A simple fold out camera for analog snapshots, made entirely from recycled paper and cardboard. No electronics - some paper, a pair of lenses and a cartridge for instant mini photos. Environmently friendly - uses less materials than traditional instant cameras. The camera body, the shutter and aperture are made of thick paper and laminated cardboard.

Using this camera is like being transported to another time, when bellows cameras were a common sight. Matching its vintage style with Fujifilm's modern, high-ISO Instax film technology gives this toy-like throwback some serious real-world capabilities.

Choose from eight different apertures, from f/8 to f/64 and a pinhole. With the simple insertion of a weight, you can change between two shutter speeds - 1/125 or 1/160 of a second. Setting the camera in "M"anual mode is like a Bulb setting - press the shutter release once to start the photo, leave open as long as needed, then press the release again to close the shutter; this is especially useful with the pinhole aperture.


  • Vintage Design - retro with a little steampunk.
  • Foldout and Compact - a little bigger than an iphone box.
  • A Great Gift - can be used immediately and instantly.
  • A Great Toy - Jollylook is a great teaching toy for children. Your kid can take it apart and see how it works.
  • A Great Souvenir - even after use Jollylook is beautiful on the shelf!
  • Fun - entertaining and positive emotions.
  • Beautiful Photos - Using Instax mini film and proper technique, yields 10 sharp, true color images. 
  • Environment Friendly - easily recyclable


  • Lens - a meniscus lens with a focal length of 110 mm ( 4.33 in ), allows to take photos from portrait to landscape. can be moved up to shoot through the pinhole.
  • Viewfinder - a Fresnel lens 
  • Aperture - a switchable diaphragm with manual adjustment for the seven values: f / 8, f / 11, f / 16, f / 22; f / 32; f / 45; f / 64 + pinhole.
  • Shutter - automatic with shutter speed of 1/250 or 1/160 and manual shutter mode with the possibility to control the exposure time manually.
  • Pinhole - a round hole in a copper foil 0.6 mm (0.023 in) in diameter, located on the diaphragm disk
  • Storage conditions - store in a dry and dark place at room temperature.
  • Conditions of use - use at temperatures between 10 - 35 °C (50 -95 ℉) in dry weather.
  • Size - when folded 85 x 127 x 48 mm ( 311⁄32 x 5 x 157⁄64 in )
  • Film Required - Fujifilm “instax mini” instant film (item #'s 15060835, 16276405, 16531960)
  • Photo size - 46(W) x 62(H) mm

*This camera is made of cardboard/paper/plastic. It can last for many years, if well cared for. Minor repairs, if wearing appears, can be made with standard white glue or tape. Each camera comes with replacement rubber bands, if the shutter's band needs replaced.

UPC: 860039001207
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