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Silvergrain Classics Magazine Issue #16 Autumn 2022

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Silvergrain Classics Magazine Issue #16 Autumn 2022 

The PREMIER Analog Photography Magazine... SilvergrainClassics is not a disposable magazine, but a wealth of information alongside some of the most beautifully printed photographs in any periodical, on any topic. Each copy will be a treasured resource of inspiration and entertainment, for years to come.

All the articles in this issue are stories of exploration in one way or another. The portfolios are from artists who travel to new worlds, whether to physical places on land or underwater, through an inner journey, or by looking into the worlds of other people. You can explore the fascinating world of Rock musicians in the 1970s or the inner workings of a Leica M3, join our contributors as they go on their first journeys with an Intrepid 4×5 camera or a Minolta Autocord. Explore different ways to enlarge or print, the difference real filters make on the same image, or even the same image made with 100 different film stocks!



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