SilvergrainClassics Magazine #15 Summer 2022

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SilvergrainClassics Magazine #15 Summer 2022

It has been fifty years since cover photographer, David Burnett, made his images of the Vietnam Conflict, but they look as if they could have been made yesterday. Unfortunately. But in addition to David’s well-known photos of war, presidents, and Olympic games, we are happy to present a few that are less well-known and show his curious eye and sense of humor.

Of course, we have other wonderful portfolios including the behind-the-scenes photos of Susan Bridges, wife of Jeff Bridges, published for the first time. The film in question was Heaven’s Gate, set in the 1800s. Susan’s images caught the wonderful mix of authentic sets and costumes interspersed with cameras and crew putting them on film. Other corners of the world bring us work from Steve Cham (Hong Kong), Damian Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Augusto de Luca (Italy) and Daria Troitskaia (Russia/Italy).

Several articles have a connection to 16mm filmmaking, including our Virtual Connections guest, Brae Hunziker, a report about the 16mm workshop co-sponsored by SilvergrainAcademy and Kodak Motion Picture, and book reviews.

We hope you will all enjoy traveling through the wide world of analog with us in Issue 15!



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