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SilvergrainClassics Magazine #12 - 3rd Edition 2021

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The PREMIER Analog Photography Magazine... SilvergrainClassics is not a disposable magazine, but a wealth of information alongside some of the most beautifully printed photographs in any periodical, on any topic. Each copy will be a treasured resource of inspiration and entertainment, for years to come.

SilvergrainClassics Magazine (lII/2021), 100 pages.


  • John Langmore, USA
  • LeRoy DeJolie, Navajo (Diné)/USA
  • Stanley Kubrick, USA
  • Jean Luc Feixa, France/Belgium
  • KeithKCanisius Baerken, Denmark
  • Mohan Bhasker, India/USA

Gear Talk & Techniques

  • Photographing Strangers, Andrew Sanderson
  • Saving the Tools of History for the History of Tomorrow, Karin Majoka
  • Let There Be Light! (Metz Flashes), Marwan El Mozayen
  • In Praise of Contact Sheets, Marwan El Mozayen
  • VALOI-360, One Film Holder to Rule Them All, Ludwig Hagelstein

The World of Analog

  • The Weird Lens Guru, Mathieu Stern
  • Are Workshops Worthwhile Anymore?, Marwan El Mozayen
  • The Joys of (In-Person) Workshops, Bruce Barnbaum
  • The Weston Heritage, Charys Schuler
  • Open-Air Cinema, Ignacio Benedeti & Charys Schuler
  • Clare Strand, Christopher Osborne
  • Four Books by Diana H. Bloomfield, Christopher Osborne



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