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SilvergrainClassics Magazine #8 - 3rd Edition 2020

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The PREMIER Analog Photography Magazine... SilvergrainClassics (formerly PhotoKlassik International) is not a disposable magazine, but a wealth of information alongside some of the most beautifully printed photographs in any periodical, on any topic. Each copy will be a treasured resource of inspiration and entertainment, for years to come.

SilvergrainClassics Magazine #8 (lII/2020), 100 pages.

This month's cover story is an interview with award-winning actor Jeff Bridges and his love of the Widelux camera and shooting behind the scenes of his movies. Also included is a look at the portfolio of platinum printer Ryuijie, Bruce Barnbaum on advancing from "Taking Pictures" to "Making Photographs", insight into Documenting Protests, a look at panoramic cameras, and much more!


  • Unique Portfolios:
    • Johannes Huwe, Germany
    • Yoshitaka Goto, Japan
    • Jeff Bridges, USA
    • Ryuijie, USA
    • Deborah Samuel, Canada
  • Adventures with ADOX CHS 100 II
  • Panoramic Cameras
  • Photo Processors, Are They for You?
  • Advancing from "Taking Pictures" to "Making Photographs", Bruce Barnbaum
  • Documenting Protests: Individual Impressions
  • Thoughts on Traveling and the True Poetics of Friction, Peter Christensson
  • This is... ISCORAMA, Ignacio Benedeti Corzo


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