PhotoKlassik International Magazine - 4th Edition 2019

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The PREMIER Analog Photography Magazine...

PhotoKlassik International Magazine (lV/2019), 100 pages.

The fourth edition of 2019 is filled with stuff for analog photographers to enjoy. Featuring articles titled "Fine Art Photography - the World of Galleries", "Death in Venice - the Last Rolls of Kodachrome", and "Hiroshi Sugimoto - Theaters Reexamined." Cover photo by Bruce Barnbaum.

PhotoKlassik is not a disposable magazine, but a wealth of information alongside some of the most beautifully printed photographs in any periodical, on any topic. Each copy will be a treasured resource of inspiration and entertainment, for years to come.


  • photographs to inspire, to broaden your photographic horizon.
  • gear to dream of, from the smallest Minox to the biggest Ultra Large Format Camera.
  • techniques from basic procedures to the most advanced processes, explained by masters of their craft.
  • a high-quality print, because a book-quality reproduction doesn’t depend on screen calibration.
  • online access to selected content, when you have enough to carry with you when you’re out shooting


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