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Film Washi Color "X" 100 ISO 35mm x 36 exp.

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Launched in 2013 and based in Saint-Nazaire, France, Film Washi is the world’s smallest company to produce photographic materials. Specialized in handcrafted film making and industrial film conversion, Film Washi offers a wide range of unique and innovative films.

Film Washi's "Specialty Films" are coated by machines in other factories - but are not made for standard photography. They may have been designed for exposure through automatic machines, like motion picture sound or leader film, or even not intended for visible light, like X-ray films. Some of these films are designed for specific governmental or military uses, like surveillance films. However, these films can be hacked from their intended use - for artistic or fun purposes! That is why Film Washi converts them to standard formats to make them usable in classic cameras.

Film Color "X" is a technical film with no orange mask. This produces beautiful warm and highly saturated colors reminisce of the first color negative films (Agfacolor) from the 1940s and 1950s. Washi "X" can be processed in either C41 or E6 chemistry for different effects.


  • Technical film with no orange mask
  • 35mm 
  • 100 ISO
  • Grain: medium
  • Contrast: medium
  • Tone: warm
  • Saturation: vivid
  • Darkroom safe: total darkness
  • Loading: under shadow
EAN: 3770027506003
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 36 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 100 ISO
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