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Film Washi "F" 100 ISO 120 Size - Re-purposed Specialty Film

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Launched in 2013 and based in Saint-Nazaire, France, Film Washi is the world’s smallest company to produce photographic materials. Specialized in handcrafted film making and industrial film conversion, Film Washi offers a wide range of unique and innovative films.

Film "F" is a special X-ray film used for mass lung disease diagnose and it is the first time such film is made available in 120. It is a truly unique film that offers, being coated without anti-halation layer, a high diffusion effect and beautiful grain.


  • Special X-ray film used for mass lung disease diagnose
  • 120 - medium format
  • 100 ISO high medium
  • Contrast: medium
  • Base: Polyester, 100 μm
  • Darkroom Safe: total darkness
  • Loading: under safe-light red
  • Production process: handcoated

Usage tips: 

  • The diffusion effect can change depending on the light conditions, it is also much stronger in 135 than in 120 format.
  • 120 roll films can be loaded as usual.
  • See Datasheet for processing information.



Film Size 120
Speed (ISO) 100 ISO
technical Film Washi "F"
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