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Jobo CPE-3 Film Processor and Lift Kit

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Mfg: Jobo
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Jobo CPE-3 Film Processor, the ideal unit for in-home film processing. 

The truest way to learn and appreciate the art of photography is analog photography. Nothing can replace the touch and feel of silver-halide film. The fascination of creating unique prints on silver halide paper is irreplaceable. The Jobo CPE-3 is the surefire way to process your film.

Fine-art and freelance photographers, as well as schools and colleges have been looking forward to the come-back of a small, affordable processor, for creating truly unique photography. 

The Jobo CPE-3 Processor is a motor-driven processor for all films from 35mm, 120 medium format, up to 4x5 sheet film in Jobo Tanks. On the Jobo CPE-3 tanks and drums are attached to the processor and are automatically rotated in both directions for optimum accurate and even developing. The very accurate tempering bath assures precision processing. All types of 35 mm film roll and sheet film as well as sheet film up to 4x5 can be processed.

Accurate Temperature Control The chemicals and film are all kept at the same controlled temperature in a common thermostatically controlled water-jacket. Temperature can continuously be set between 68deg; F and 104deg; F. A red indicator light signals when the heater is in operation. All graduates and bottles lock into place and are kept from floating thus providing an even water level and optimum tempering.

Secure Magnetic Coupling Most Jobo tank systems may be used with the unit by simple magnet coupling – even while the processor is rotating.

Simple Handling with included Lift With the Jobo Lift the attaching and removing of the tank for emptying and refilling is not necessary any more! No wet hands: Chemicals are poured while the drum is rotating, and used chemicals are easily collected by pushing a lever. Processing times are maintained and films are soaked evenly. Chemistry is easily collected for reuse. All your available Jobo tanks ma be used by simply pressing a cog onto the lid of the tank.

For rotary processing, each tank must be fitted with a magnet or cog. To use a tank on the processor, without the Jobo Lift attached, a magnet must be mounted on the bottom. You must have a cog installed on a tank or drum lid to use with the Jobo Lift attached. Some tanks and drums come with a magnet or cog already installed, some do not. Magnets and cogs can be purchase separately if your tank does not include them.


  • For all color and black and white film 35mm, 120 medium format, up to 4x5 sheet film
  • Semi-automates processing for daylight operation
  • Automatic agitation
  • Automatic temperature control
  • One shot developing
  • Compatible with all Jobo tanks 1500 and 2500 series 
  • For use with lift, tanks must have a cog 
  • Not for use with Jobo drums

Supplied Accessories

  • 1- Jobo Lift
  • 4- bottles 600ml
  • 4- graduates 250ml 
  • 1- Jobo 1520 tank with one reel

Film Capacity 

  • 5 - 35mm x 36 exp.
  • 6 - 120 films 
  • 12 - 4x5 sheet film 


  • H 10 in x W 25 in x D 12 in (H 25.5 cm x W 65.5 cm x D 30 cm)
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs. (3 kg)
  • Voltage/capacity: 110V/440W, designed for US 110 volt system
EAN: 4022124040638
instruction Jobo Lift CPE-3
instruction Jobo CPE-3 Film Processor
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