Intrepid 4x5 Enlarger Kit with Timer

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The Intrepid 4x5 Enlarger Kit is the ultimate DIY photography tool, converting your 4x5 camera into a fully functional darkroom enlarger. It uses the same modern LED technology as our Compact Enlarger allowing you to make prints from both color and black & white film (35mm, 120 & 4x5.) It has all the features of a traditional enlarger and matches the results, allowing for prints as big as 20x24 inches.

Lens and stand not included (see below for lens buying guide).

The Intrepid Enlarger uses new LED technology, so it can match the results of a traditional enlarger while being a fraction of the size and price. It means you can turn pretty much any space no matter how small into a darkroom, and when you are done printing you can pack it all away.

The light source fits to the Intrepid 4x5 Camera in the place of the ground glass (or any 4x5 camera with a Graflok back.) Simply mount the camera onto copy stand/tripod pointing down, add an enlarger lens then you have a fully functional darkroom enlarger.

The LED lights are perfectly calibrated for printing and everything is controlled by the timer. It has the CMY color balance controls built-in and contrast filters for black and white so you don’t need to use external filters. There is also a built-in safelight for black & white printing.

In the latest generation of hardware, we have introduced more manual controls for the user. It has the option of saving time settings in black/white mode and adjusting the output strength of the light. There is also a wider range for the color balance controls allowing for more experimentation.

The timer/control unit also has a third mode which allows the light source to be dismounted and used as a backlight for digitizing your film with a DSLR or smartphone.


The timer/control unit has 3 separate modes. Each have different settings and the option to manually save settings.

  • Mode 1: Black & White
    • Unlike traditional enlargers, all the multigrade contrast filters are built-in so you don’t need external filters. You can also set the dial to white light to use external filters if desired. There is a built-in safe light on the timer, especially useful in smaller spaces.
  • Mode 2: Color
    • Works similarly to a traditional color enlarger for printing from color negatives. You change the color balance by adjusting the dials for cyan, magenta and yellow then focus and set the time. The light on the LED screen also turns off in color printing mode.
  • Mode 3: Scanning
    • This mode utilizes the light source as a backlight for digitizing your negatives using a DSLR or smartphone. It’s calibrated perfectly to create a neutral image and has the option to manually program and save color balance settings for different film stocks.

Enlarger Lenses

As the Intrepid Enlarger works as an attachment for a 4x5 camera, you have a choice of what sort of lens to use. You can either use a standard large format lens, or a traditional enlarging lens (mounted to the supplied adapter lens board for lenses with 39mm (m39) thread mount). If you shoot 4x5 you'll likely be able to use a lens you already have, if not enlarger lenses are cheap and easy to get hold of.

Focal lengths

  • 35mm: 50mm-75mm
  • 6x6 & 645: 75mm-80mm
  • 6x7: 80mm-105mm
  • 6x9: 105mm-120mm
  • 4x5: 150mm
EAN: 5065017196103
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