Intrepid Compact Enlarger 35mm and 120 Format with Timer

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The Intrepid Compact Enlarger is a modern rethink of traditional darkroom enlargers, utilizing advanced LED technology. A super compact, simple to use kit, for making high quality color or black and white handprints from 35mm and 120 film. While it may be the smallest enlarger to exist it has all the features of a traditional one and matches the results. Turn any space no matter how small into a darkroom!

The Compact Enlarger consists of the enlarger body, timer and negative carriers for 35mm and 120 film up to 6x9. The enlarger body includes the focus wheel, light panel and a mount for enlarger lenses. The timer is the control unit and has 3 modes (black and white, color and scan) plus additional space for user settings to be saved.

Lens and stand not included 


  • Mode 1: Black & White
    • Unlike traditional enlargers, all the multigrade contrast filters are built in so you don’t need external filters. You can also set the dial to white light to use external filters if desired. There is a built-in safe light on the timer, especially useful in smaller spaces.
  • Mode 2: Color
    • Works similarly to a traditional color enlarger for printing from color negatives. You change the color balance by adjusting the dials for cyan, magenta and yellow then focus and set the time. The light on the LED screen also turns off in color printing mode.
  • Mode 3: Scanning
    • This mode utilizes the light source as a backlight for digitizing your negatives using a DSLR or smartphone. It’s calibrated perfectly to create a neutral image and has the option to manually program and save color balance settings for different film stocks.

What's Included:

  • Enlarger
  • Compatible with M39 enlarger lenses
  • Tripod/copy stand mounts 1/4" and 3/8”
  • Lens and stand not included
  • Timer/Control Unit
  • B/W contrast filters from 00-5 (past 5 displays white light for use with external filters)
  • Filters for CMY color balance built-in
  • USB port for future firmware updates
  • Manual brightness adjustment for B/W mode
  • Built-in safelight in B/W mode
  • Save current time settings in B/W & Color modes
  • Save custom color balance profiles in scan mode


EAN: 5065017196097
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