DASS ART Birch Panels 8 in. x 10 in., 6 Pack

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The Archival Pigment Emulsion Transfer System was developed by Bonny Lhotka. Her DASS ART line of products enables users to coat uncoated papers for inkjet printing or transfer images from pigment-printed, Inkjet Transparency films to a wide array of substrates, including paper, metal, and ceramics.

DASS ART Birch Panels are one of the many substrates appropriate for a variety of transfer techniques. Their smooth, sanded surface is perfect for almost any transfer technique! There may be slight size variations, due to the manufacturing process.


  • 8"x10", 6 sheet pack
  • approximately .25" thick

While these panels are ready for SuperSauce transfers, they can be more finished with a little added preparation. In general, when using wood, the grain should be raised, the panel primed and then sanded all before the coating for the transfer is applied. You can raise the grain and apply the primer all at once by applying WonderSauce. First, sand the edges and round the corners with 400-grit sandpaper. Clean the dust from the panel. Pour WonderSauce onto the panel and quickly brush it into the surface. Once dry, sand the panel with 400-grit sand paper followed by an additional sanding with either 600-grit or 1000-grit sandpaper. Make sure to wear gloves to prevent any fingerprint oil from getting on the wood.  Clean the panel of all dust and you are ready for your transfer. For more information see Hacking The Digital Print Chapter 13.

TIP:  When working with wood substrates, it's good to coat the backside with gesso or acrylic paint. Let completely dry before doing a transfer. This equalizes tension and can prevent warping of your final piece.

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