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Pro8mm 16mm Film Kit Sunny ISO 50 (Daylight Balanced)

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Mfg: Pro8mm

The 16mm Film Kit is a small quality of 16mm film (just 33 feet on a Daylight spool) so you can load your camera in the light. It contains the basic film workflow of sending your shot film to our Pro8mm laboratory, having it processed and scanned to digital files.  We send the digital file to you over the internet. The 16mm Film Kit uses Double Perf 16mm film so it will work in all 16mm cameras, even those made in the 1920’s.  

The intention of the 16mm Film Kit is not to replace 100' daylight spools or 400' cores for large film projects. Rather, provide filmmakers with an appropriate amount of film at a lower cost.

The Bright Sun stock is best used in bright outdoor light. It is great for the snow, the beach, or anywhere full sun is available.


  • 33’ daylight spool of 16mm Film 
  • ISO 50 Daylight Balanced
  • Perforated


  • A 33’ daylight spool of 16mm Film (film is silent)
  • Extra 33' take up spool 
  • A pre-paid mailing envelope to send your roll to the lab (first class mail within the US)
  • Chemical processing
  • Digital film scan
  • Encoding to a universal computer file and uploaded for internet download
  • Return shipping of your original film mailed to you on an archival safe reel for preservation (within the US) or option to film recycle


PLEASE NOTE: Pre-paid mailing envelope and return postage is for customers within the United States ONLY (the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C). All other services still included for customers outside that area. Please contact Pro8mm (www.pro8mm.com) with questions.


UPC: 787790105763
Film Size 8mm/16mm
Speed (ISO) 50 ISO
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