Pro8mm Super 8 Film Kit
Low Light ISO 500 (Tungsten Balanced) - Color Film

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The Pro8mm Super 8 Film Kit is a modern experience for shooting analog movie film, made from the same 35mm motion picture film used to create theatrical features, music videos, commercials, TV shows and more. The Super 8 Film Kit includes one, 50-foot cartridge of Super 8 film, a prepaid mailing envelope to send the film back to the lab for processing, professional scanning, encoding of the film to a digital file, email delivery of a link to the file for viewing and sharing, and return of the analog reel for long-term future access. Enhance your movie making experience at to add titles, end credits, music and more.

Super 8 Film Kit Low Light is a high resolution color negative film best used in low light conditions such as interiors, concerts, or early evening daylight. Shooting this tungsten balanced film in non-tungsten light (daylight, fluorescent, etc.) may result in color casts on the negatives, but can be avoided by using the appropriate filters.


  • Super 8 movie film
  • ISO 500 Tungsten Balanced
  • Perforated
  • Kodak Vision 3 500T
  • Latitude - 13 stops


  • A 50’ cartridge of Super 8 Film (film is silent)
  • A pre-paid mailing envelope to send your roll to the lab (first class mail within the US)
  • Chemical processing
  • Digital film scan
  • Encoding to a universal computer file and uploaded for internet download
  • Return shipping of your original film mailed to you on an archival safe reel for preservation (within the US)

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-paid mailing envelope and return postage is for customers within the United States ONLY (the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C). All other services still included for customers outside that area. Please contact Pro8mm ( with questions.

UPC: 748252051004
Film Size 8mm/16mm
Speed (ISO) 500 ISO
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