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Rhonda CAM Super 8 Film Camera Black and Green Camera Print

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Over 60 million Super 8 film cameras were made between 1965 and 1985. Home movies, music videos and feature films have all been shot with Super 8. Traditionally, these were reversal films used in projectors. But now, 8mm users are scanning, editing and sharing their photos on computers and the web.

No digital plug in can replicate the amazing quality or archival value of true film. If you want to achieve the look of film, why not shoot the real thing! The Rhonda CAM is the world's most personal point-and-shoot Super 8 film camera. Rebuilt to surpass original factory specifications, this American restoration film camera's features include a custom skin appearance, shooting at 18fps, a compact size and simplistic features and functions. It’s the perfect Super 8 film camera for beginners.

The Rhonda CAM is a complete restoration of the Canon 310XL. Named after Pro8mm's co-owner, the Rhonda CAM's 8.5mm-25.5mm zoom lens has a remarkable aperture range of f/1.0-f/45, a 3x zoom, a macro setting and can be shot while using powered or manual zoom. More than a retro throw back with a modern look, the Rhonda CAM is designed for consumer based film experiences and calibrated to work with modern color negative Super 8 film stocks.

So, here's the camera, but where's the film? Enter the Super 8 Film Kit from PRO8MM! (not included, please see "Related Items") Using the same color negative film with which 35mm movies are shot, these kits offer an affordable way to create that one-of-a-kind Super 8 magic in today’s world. The film, processing, postage, scanning, color crrection, encoding and posting online are all included in the price.


  • Restored Canon 310XL Cameras
  • Canon 8.5-25.5mm zoom lens, f/1.0-f/45 auto controlled aperture
  • 18fps filming speed and singe-frame shooting capabilities
  • Power/Manual Zoom
  • Compact Size: 7" x 4 ½" x 1 ¾"
  • Light weight body, weighing only ½ a pound
  • Auto exposure with a range of ASA/ISO
  • Built in Canon 8.5mm-25.5mm zoom lens
  • Re-collimated and realigned optics
  • Repaired and re-lubricated mechanics on the body
  • Choose from 4 different patterns that match your style or classic black
  • 43mm filter ring

Supplies Accessories

  • Neoprene Carrying Pouch
  • Micro fiber lens cleaning cloth
  • Camera gate brush
UPC: 748252051301
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