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Holga 120WPC Wide Angle Pinhole Camera

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Mfg: Holga
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The Holga camera was initially introduced to the Chinese public in 1982 as an inexpensive camera for everyday use. Shortly after its introduction, it became an underground artistic phenomena. Using the Holga is an exercise in breaking free from dependence on technology, precision and control. The slight softness of the images, vignetting and random light leaks produce dream-like, one-of-a kind images.

The Holga 120WPC is a Wide Angle Pinhole camera and shoots 120 size film in unique panoramic sizes - 6x9 cm, or 6x12 cm format for a super wide angle view. This lensless body produces infinite depth of field, meaning everything in the scene will be reasonably sharp and detailed, while still preserving the soft edges for which Holga photos are known.


  • Uses 120 medium format film
  • 2 film masks for either 6x9 cm or 6x12 cm format images
  • Permanent bulb setting for long exposures when using pinhole
  • Built in cable release thread
  • Standard Tripod Mount
  • Lens cap and strap

Film advance recommendation for 6x12 mask (one revolution = 24 clicks):

  • To advance from frame 1 to frame 3, turn the knob 64 clicks or 2 2/3 revolution
  • From frame 3 to 5, turn the knob 58 clicks or 2 1/2 revolution
  • From frame 5 to 7, turn the knob 54 clicks or 2 1/3 revolution
  • From frame 7 to 9, turn the knob 51 clicks or 2 1/8 revolution
  • From frame 9 to 11, turn the knob 49 clicks or 2 revolution


UPC: 614572193123
manual Holga Manual
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