Rockland Colloid Halochrome (Makes 64 oz.)

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Halo-Chrome is Rockland's unique toner that transforms black and white prints into pure metallic silver by fusing together the colloidal silver grains that make a black and white print into gleaming solid silver.

Halo-Chrome can be used to make either the blacks or the whites in your image solid silver. If you have a black tree framed against a white sky and want the tree to be silver, you tone the image AFTER fixing. If you want the sky to be silver behind the black tree, you tone the image BEFORE the stop bath and/or fixer.

Halo-Chrome toning can be followed with Printint colorant to produce a silver image on a colored background by coloring the white area of the Halo-Chromed print.

Halo-Chrome toner can be used with all RC and fiber-base papers. On glossy papers, it gives a mirror-finish, and on matte papers a brushed-silver finish.

Makes enough for 40, 8 in. x 10 in. prints.

This current version does not include Ammonia!  The user is now required to obtain this component which is readily available at any grocery store or supermarket.

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