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Rockland Blueprint Kit - 16 oz. Working Solution (Makes 24 - 8x10 Prints)

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Rockland Blueprint Kit - As the product name states, Blueprints are blue images of photographs or drawings. Inasmuch as they produce a vivid, cyan blue, they are also named "Cyanotypes". Blueprints have been traditionally used to make copies of architectural drawings.

Blueprint paper is no longer manufactured for this purpose, but the method continues to be popular and is a feature of the New Photography. Painting Rockland's blueprint solution onto watercolor paper makes a homemade sensitized paper. A negative transparency or drawing on clear plastic is laid over it; sunlight exposes it and running water is all that's needed to make it permanent.

This kit contains two 8 oz bottles of liquid, which are mixed to making enough working solution to develop approximately 24, 8 x 10" prints.

An easy way to make photographic prints without a darkroom


  • To make 24 8 x 10" Cyanotype Prints
  • Two-part solution
  • All you need is sunlight
UPC: 798162003204
Chemical Type Cyanotype
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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