Moersch SE5 Master Lith Printing Paper Developer (Part Omega Only) - 100 ml

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Mfg: Moersch

Moersch photographic chemicals is a unique chemical line made in Germany created for the fine art printer.

Moersch SE5 Master Lith Printing Kit Part Omega 


  • Improved special additive for use with Foma Fomatone papers.
  • Dilute 1+100 (or more) with water before using as a second bath after a stronger 1st developer.

The solution contains Ammonium Carbonate with no antioxidant in order to increase color intensity and density at the same time.  This is most apparent with those papers which have a smaller silver-bromide component such as Fomatone. The length of the process is reduced by about half with a further plus that the more concentrated 1st developer lasts longer as it is used for shorter period. The 2nd bath has by nature only a limited life and should be replaced as soon as it becomes dark red.

Dosage with dropper: 14 drops are 1 ml


EAN: 4260349890397
Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Liquid
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