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Moersch MT20 Carbon Toner Kit

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Mfg: Moersch

Moersch photographic chemicals is a unique chemical line made in Germany created for the fine art printer.

Moersch MT20 is a direct toner for warm-tone papers with a high content of chloride silver. Neutral and cold-tone emulsions can be toned indirectly (after bleaching).


  • 100ml toner stock solution
  • 100ml bleach stock solution
  • Dilute between 1+10 and 1+50

The concentrated bleacher can be diluted between 1+10 and 1+50. If you only want to tone the highlights, weaker dilutions allow you higher control over the toning process.

To achieve clear image whites it is essential to carefully fix the print!

When toning indirectly, rinse the print thoroughly before bleaching. If you use your working solution only for direct toning, rinsing for 5 minutes after an alkaline fixer and for 10 minutes after an acidic fixer is sufficient.

To achieve a brown to red-brown image tone, use a toner dilution of between 1+10 and 1+50.

When toning warm-tone paper (direct toning) the first thing that happens is an increase in maximum black. The shadows turn colder. In a dilution of 1+30 the highlights start shifting to warmer hues after around 30 seconds.

Later in progress this hue turns towards red-brown or yellow-brown. Simultaneously the shadows become warmer. If you want intensive red-yellow highlights, you can bleach them a little bit before you start toning. Even if your bleacher is highly diluted, times between 15 and 30 seconds can already be sufficient.

To increase maximum black, you should use a strong working solution (1+10 to 1+15) and tone for only a short time. You will also get a colder image tone. To protect the image silver from environmental stresses, toner dilutions of between 1+100 and 1+200 and toning times of 3 to 6 minutes are sufficient.

Working solutions of up to 1+30 can be stored for a couple of weeks. Discard very highly diluted working solutions after use.

When you achieved the desired tone rinse the print in running water. 

For your safety: Ensure sufficient ventilation at your working space since the toner contains sodium-sulphur.


EAN: 4260349890724
Chemical Type Toners
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