Using Color Enlargers with B&W Paper

Most enlarger manufacturers use these filtration values. This table is intended as a guide to making prints on Ilford MG paper when using a Dichroic Head Color Enlarger. You may also use them with other brands of variable contrast paper with good results. Use the Kodak standard for Beseler, Omega, Devere, LPL, Paterson, and Vivitar enlargers. Remember you have a lot of control when using a color head because you can dial in fractions of a contrast grade rather than being limited to 1/2 grade steps. Also these filter factors are just estimates. The age and condition of the filters will affect your results.

Desired Grade: 00 0 1/2 1 1-1/2    2    2-1/2 3 3-1/2 4 4-1/2 5
Durst filter settings (170M): 150Y 90Y 70Y 55Y 30Y 0 20M 45M 65M 100M 140M 170M
Durst filter settings (130M:) 120Y 70Y 50Y 40Y 25Y 0 10M 30M 50M 75M 120M 130M
Kodak filters: 199Y 90Y 70Y 50Y 30Y 0 5M 25M 50M 80M 140M 199M
Meopta filter settings: 150Y 90Y 70Y 55Y 30Y 0 20M 40M 65M 85M 200M ---

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