2011 Making and Toning Lith Prints – From Scratch

By: Tim Rudman

Date: 2011-09-18 - 2011-09-23
Location: Photographers Formulary, Montana
p>p>This class is suitable for both newcomers to the process and established b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> printers, although some basic darkroom experience is required. Lodging on site are available on a first come basis. This is an opportunity to learn the delicate and beautiful art of b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> printing. This process has nothing to do with b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> negatives, line work or other graphics applications. Instead, it is a very creative and expressive form of interpretative printing using
ormal negatives and black white papers and may significantly expand your artistic and creative capabilities. b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> b style=color:black;background-color:#ff66ff>Prints/b> are typically very warm-toned b style=color:black;background-color:#ff66ff>prints/b> with a unique combination of wonderfully subtle low contrast properties in the highlights, warm mid-tones, and high contrast colder tones in the shadows. However, it is an extremely flexible process and many variations may be wrought. b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> b style=color:black;background-color:#ff66ff>prints/b> tone exceptionally well in selenium and gold toners. Not all papers will b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> print well. Current and new materials will be explored - along with ways of b style=color:black;background-color:#a0ffff>making/b> others do better!br />/p>br />p>Participants will learn the underlying principles of b style=color:black;background-color:#a0ffff>making/b> a b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> print and then, step by step, how to take control of the process in order to predict outcome and explore its creative potential. Single and multiple b style=color:black;background-color:#99ff99>toning/b> techniques will be practiced together with some more advanced procedures, such as 2-bath b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>lith/b> printing techniques, bleach-back and bleach and redevelopment using both normal and b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b> developers (2nd pass b style=color:black;background-color:#ff9999>Lith/b>). By the end of the week you may be surprised, both by how well you have mastered the techniques, and by how differently you view your images. The emphasis of these workshops will be on informality, co-operation and fun, and stressing the learning value of playtime, safe individual risk-taking and group sharing. The darkrooms at The Formulary are always open and after the days teaching is over there will be as much time as you want for unstructured printing and processing through the evening and night! We will pick up on any learning points from this work at the start of each day./p>br />br />br />p>Tuition: $995.00/p>p>More information on this class is available at a href=http://www.goldstreetstudios.com.au/gallery.html target=_blank>Gold Street Studios and gallery/a>/p>