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The World of Inkjet Paper Comparison Chart - Inkjet Comparison, Ratings and Reviews

The World of Inkjet Paper Rating System: All of these papers have been personally tested by Eric Joseph, master printmaker and inkjet paper specialist. These ratings are determined independently of any outside influence and are a relative comparison of the papers on this chart regarding the different technical attributes, archival permanence, uniqueness and value. Additionally, NO COMPENSATION was given in determining these ratings.

Brand Name Alpha Cellulose Base and Others 100% Cotton Rag Paper Thickness (mil) Paper Weight (gsm) Resin Coated Canvas Optical Brighteners Paper Brightness Double Sided Surface Texture Dye Ink Compatible Pigment Ink Compatible Freestyle Rating*
Arista-IIBaryta Photo (DISCONTINUED)12.0310BarytaBright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA+
Arista-IIDuo-Matte12.0215Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
Arista-IIDuo-Matte Lightweight8.0160Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
Arista-IIFine-Art Bright White Heavy Weight14.0330Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB+
Arista-IIFine-Art Bright White Medium Weight9.0210Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB+
Arista-IIFine-Art Natural White Heavy Weight14.0330Natural WhiteSmooth MatteB+
Arista-IIFine-Art Natural White Medium Weight9.0210Natural WhiteSmooth Matte B+
Arista-IIOHP Transparency Film(clear polyester film)7.0n/aClearA
Arista-IIPhoto Art Glossy CanvasPolyester 60% Cotton 40%17.0420WhiteGlossy Canvas TextureA+
Arista-IIPhoto Art Matte CanvasPolyester 60% Cotton 40%17.0410Bright WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA+
Arista-IIPhotograde Double Weight Matte9.0180Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
Arista-IIPhotograde RC Glossy10.4252Bright WhiteGlossyB
Arista-IIPhotograde RC Lustre10.4252Bright WhiteLuster / PearlB
Arista-IIPhotograde RC Metallic Glossy10.4252Bright WhiteGlossyA
Arista-IIPhotograde RC Metallic Lustre10.4252Bright WhiteLuster / PearlA
Arista-IIPremium Matte Canvas (DISCONTINUED)Polyester 60% Cotton 40%21.0405Bright WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA
Arista-IIVelvet Cold Press Bright White50% Alpha Cellulose + 50% Cotton Base16.5300Bright WhiteRough Textured MatteA+
AwagamiBamboo 170Bamboo 70% Recycled Washi 30% 13.8170Natural WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiBamboo 220 (deckle edges) (DISCONTINUED)Bamboo 70% Recycled Washi 30% 17.0220Natural WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiBamboo 250Bamboo 70% Recycled Washi 30% 19.7250Natural WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiBizan Natural Medium (deckle edges)40% Kozo 60% Wood Pulp18.9200CreamSoft Rough MatteA++
AwagamiBizan Natural Thick (deckle edges)40% Kozo 60% Wood Pulp26.8300CreamSoft Rough MatteA++
AwagamiBizan White Medium (deckle edges)40% Kozo 60% Wood Pulp18.9200WhiteSoft Rough MatteA++
AwagamiBizan White Thick (deckle edges)40% Kozo 60% Wood Pulp26.8300WhiteSoft Rough MatteA++
AwagamiInbe Extra Thick (DISCONTINUED)Kozo / Hemp11.0160WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiInbe Thick WhiteKozo / Hemp9.0125WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiInbe Thin WhiteKozo / Hemp5.970WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiKozo Double LayeredKozo Front Side / Wood Pulp Back (Peelaway side)7.196CreamSoft MatteA++
AwagamiKozo Double Layered (DISCONTINUED)Kozo Front Side / Wood Pulp Back (Peelaway side)7.190CreamSoft MatteA++
AwagamiKozo Thick Natural (DISCONTINUED)Kozo (Mulberry)9.0110CreamSoft MatteA++
AwagamiKozo Thin NaturalKozo (Mulberry)6.370CreamSoft MatteA++
AwagamiKozo Thin WhiteKozo (Mulberry)6.370WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiMitsumata Double LayeredMitsumata Front Side / Wood Pulp Back (Peelaway side)7.095Natural WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiMurakumo Kozo Select NaturalPrem. Kozo 90% Wood Pulp 10%6.342CreamSoft MatteA++
AwagamiMurakumo Kozo Select White90% Kozo 10% Wood Pulp6.342Natural WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiPremio Inbe (DISCONTINUED)Kozo (mulberry)13.8180WhiteSoft MatteA++
AwagamiPremio KozoKozo (Mulberry)13.8180CreamSoft MatteA++
AwagamiPremio UnryuKozo (Mulberry)13.8165CreamIrregular Kozo PatternA++
AwagamiShiramine Postcard60% Kozo 40% Hemp19.7260WhiteSoft Rough MatteA++
Canson Infinity Arches®Arches® 8819.1310Pure WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalA++
Canson Infinity Arches®Arches® Aquarelle20.9310Pure WhiteMatte Rough TextureOptimalA++
Canson Infinity Arches®Arches® BFK Rives White19.9310Natural WhiteSlight Textured MatteOptimalA++
Canson Infinity Arches®Arches® BFK Rives Pure White19.9310Pure WhiteSlight Textured MatteOptimalA++
Canson InfinityAquarelle Rag 240 (DISCONTINUED)18.0240Natural WhiteMatte Rough TextureA++
Canson InfinityAquarelle Rag 310 (DISCONTINUED)22.8310Natural WhiteMatte Rough TextureA++
Canson InfinityBaryta Photographique 310 (DISCONTINUED)12.2310BarytaWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA+
Canson InfinityBaryta Photographique II 31012.0310Baryta + OBAWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA+
Canson InfinityBaryta Photographique II Matt 31012.7310Baryta + OBAWhiteSmooth Flat MattOptimalA+
Canson InfinityBaryta Prestige 340 (DISCONTINUED)50% Alpha Cellulose + 50% Cotton Base14.4340Baryta + OBAWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA+
Canson InfinityBaryta Prestige II 340Alpha Cellulose / Cotton Base15.7340BarytaWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA++
Canson InfinityEdition Etching Rag 31019.2310WhiteSlight Textured MatteA++
Canson InfinityMuseum Pro Canvas Lustre (DISCONTINUED)19.69385WhiteCanvas LustreA++
Canson InfinityMuseum Pro Canvas Matte (DISCONTINUED)19.69385WhiteCanvas MatteA++
Canson InfinityPhoto Lustre Premium RC 31011.8310Bright WhiteLustreA
Canson InfinityPhotoArt Pro Canvas Lustre (DISCONTINUED)Polyester / Cotton28.87395WhiteCanvas LustreA+
Canson InfinityPhotoArt Pro Canvas Matte (DISCONTINUED)Polyester / Cotton28.87395WhiteCanvas MatteA+
Canson InfinityPhotoGloss Premium RC10.8270Bright WhiteGlossyB+
Canson InfinityPhotoSatin Premium RC10.1270Bright WhiteFlat w/Little ReflectionA
Canson InfinityPlatine Fibre Rag 31016.9310WhiteSlight Texture Semi-GlossA++
Canson InfinityPremium RC HighGloss (DISCONTINUED)11.0315Bright WhiteSmooth High GlossyA
Canson InfinityPrintmaking Rag PMK 310 (DISCONTINUED)19.8310Natural WhiteMatte Slight TextureA++
Canson InfinityRag Photographique 21013.4210WhiteSmooth MatteA+
Canson InfinityRag Photographique 31018.8310WhiteSmooth MatteA+
Canson InfinityRag Photographique Duo 22014.0220WhiteSmooth MatteA+
Canson InfinityVelin Museum Rag 250 (DISCONTINUED)16.0250Natural WhiteFine Grain MatteA++
Canson InfinityVelin Museum Rag 315 (DISCONTINUED)20.0315Natural WhiteFine Grain MatteA++
EpsonCold Press Bright21.0340Bright WhiteCoarse Textured MatteA+
EpsonCold Press Natural21.0340 Warm WhiteMatte Rough Texture A+
EpsonEnhanced Matte10.3192Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB+
EpsonExhibition Canvas GlossPolyester / Cotton22420Bright WhiteSoft Gloss Canvas TextureA+
EpsonExhibition Canvas MattePolyester / Cotton23395Bright WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA+
EpsonExhibition Canvas Natural GlossPolyester / Cotton19424Natural WhiteSoft Gloss Canvas TextureA+
EpsonExhibition Canvas Natural MattePolyester / Cotton19390Natural WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA+
EpsonExhibition Canvas Natural SatinPolyester / Cotton19400Natural WhiteSemi Gloss Canvas TextureA+
EpsonExhibition Canvas SatinPolyester / Cotton23430Bright WhiteSemi Gloss Canvas TextureA+
EpsonExhibition Fiber13.0325Bright WhiteTexture SemiGlossB
EpsonExhibition Watercolor Paper Textured22.0320Natural WhiteCoarse Textured MatteA++
EpsonHigh Quality4.795Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
EpsonHot Press Bright18.0330Bright WhiteSmooth MatteA
EpsonHot Press Natural17.0330Natural WhiteSmooth MatteA++
EpsonLegacy Baryta (DISCONTINUED)12.0314BarytaWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA+
EpsonLegacy Etching20.0314WhiteSlight Textured MatteA++
EpsonLegacy Fibre19.0314WhiteSmooth MatteA+
EpsonLegacy Platine17.0314WhiteSlight Texture Semi-GlossA++
EpsonMetallic Photo Paper Glossy10.5257WhiteSmooth High GlossA
EpsonMetallic Photo Paper Luster10.5257WhiteLustre / PearlA
EpsonPhoto Paper Glossy9.4225Bright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossB
EpsonPremium Photo Paper Glossy10.4252Bright WhiteGlossyB-
EpsonPremium Photo Paper Semigloss10.4251Bright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossB
EpsonPremium Presentation Matte9.0167Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
EpsonUltra Premium Photo Paper Glossy11.8305Bright WhiteGlossy B
EpsonUltra Premium Photo Paper Luster10.0240Bright WhiteLuster / PearlB-
EpsonUltra Premium Presentation Matte10.3192Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
EpsonUltraSmooth Fine Art18.0325Natural WhiteSmooth MatteA+
EpsonVelvet Fine Art19.0260Bright WhiteMatte Slight TextureB
EpsonWatercolor Paper Radiant White11.5190Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB-
Hahnemühle Canvas FineArtArt Canvas SmoothPolyester / Cotton17.72370Natural WhiteSmooth Canvas TextureA+
Hahnemühle Canvas FineArtCanvas ArtistPolyester / Cotton20.47340Natural WhiteCourse Canvas TextureA+
Hahnemühle Canvas FineArtCanvas MetallicPolyester / Cotton18.11350Bright WhiteFine Metallic Sheen Canvas TextureA++
Hahnemühle Canvas FineArtCezanne20.47430Natural WhiteFine Matte Canvas TextureA++
Hahnemühle Canvas FineArtDaguerre CanvasPolyester / Cotton22.05400Bright WhiteFine Canvas TextureA+
Hahnemühle Canvas FineArtGoya CanvasPolyester / Cotton20.47340Natural WhiteSatin Gloss Canvas TextureA+
Hahnemühle FineArt Natural LineAgave 29070% Agave / 30% Cotton19.69290Off WhiteTextured MatteA++
Hahnemühle FineArt Natural LineBamboo 29090% Bamboo / 10% Cotton19.69290CreamSlight Textured MatteA++
Hahnemühle FineArt Natural LineHemp 29060% Hemp / 40% Cotton19.69290Off WhiteSlight Textured MatteA++
Hahnemühle FineArt Natural LineSugar Cane 30070% Sugar Cane / 30% Cotton20.1300Natural WhiteMedium Textured MatteA++
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtBaryta FB 35014.6350Baryta + OBABright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA-
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtFineArt Baryta 32516.1325Baryta + OBABright WhiteTexture Semi-GlossA++
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtFineArt Baryta Satin 30014.8300BarytaNatural WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA++
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtFineArt Pearl 28515.8285Bright WhiteLuster / PearlA
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtPhoto Rag® Baryta 31518.9315BarytaWhiteTextured Semi-GlossA
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtPhoto Rag® Metallic 34018.5340BarytaSilver GrayTexture Semi-GlossA++
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtPhoto Rag® Pearl 32018.9320Natural WhitePearl / LustreA
Hahnemühle Glossy FineArtPhoto Rag® Satin 31014.7310Off WhiteUnique SatinA+
Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured Albrecht Durer 21050%50%13.8210Natural WhiteTextured MatteA++
Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured German Etching® 31019.7310Natural WhiteMatte Rough TextureA
Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured Museum Etching 35023.6350Natural WhiteSlight Textured MatteA++
Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured Torchon 28519.7285Bright WhiteCoarse Textured MatteA+
Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured William Turner 19016.5190Natural WhiteMatte Rough TextureA++
Hahnemühle Matt FineArt Textured William Turner 31024.4310Natural WhiteMatte Rough TextureA++
Hahnemühle Matte Fine Art SmoothPhoto Rag® Ultra Smooth 30518.9305WhiteUltra Smooth MatteA
Hahnemühle Matte Fine Art SmoothRice Paper 1005.9100Natural WhiteSlight Textured MatteA++
Hahnemühle Matte FineArt SmoothPhoto Rag® 18811.8188WhiteSmooth MatteA
Hahnemühle Matte FineArt SmoothPhoto Rag® 30818.9308WhiteSmooth MatteA
Hahnemühle Matte FineArt SmoothPhoto Rag® 50031.5500WhiteSmooth MatteA
Hahnemühle Matte FineArt SmoothPhoto Rag® Bright White 31019.7310Bright WhiteSmooth MatteA-
Hahnemühle Matte FineArt SmoothPhoto Rag® Duo 27617.7276WhiteSmooth MatteA
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Canvas 320Polyester / Cotton17.71320Bright WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Gloss Baryta 320 (DISCONTINUED)12.6320Baryta + OBABright WhiteSmooth GlossA
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Glossy 26010.4260Bright WhiteGlossyB+
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Luster 26010.4260Bright WhiteLustre / PearlB+
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Matt Fibre 20011.8200Warm WhiteSmooth MatteB
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Matt Fibre Duo 21012.6210Warm WhiteSmooth MatteB
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Pearl 31011.8310Bright WhiteLustre / PearlA
Hahnemühle PhotoPhoto Silk Baryta 310 (DISCONTINUED)12.3310BarytaWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossOptimalA+
Ilford GalerieCanvas NaturalPolyester / Cotton19340Natural WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA+
Ilford GalerieCotton Artist Textured23.4310WhiteRough Textured MatteA++
Ilford GalerieFine Art Canvas GalaciaPolyester / Cotton23450Bright WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA+
Ilford GalerieFine Art Smooth (DISCONTINUED)12.0200Warm WhiteSmooth MatteA+
Ilford GalerieFine Art Smooth 20011.8200Warm WhiteSmooth MatteA
Ilford GalerieFine Art Smooth Pearl17270WhiteSmooth PearlA+
Ilford GalerieFine Art Textured Silk75% Alpha Cellulose / 25% Cotton18270Warm WhiteUnique SatinA+
Ilford GalerieGold Fibre Gloss16.9310WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA++
Ilford GalerieGold Fibre Pearl14.0290BarytaWarm WhiteLuster / PearlA++
Ilford GalerieGold Mono Silk (DISCONTINUED)10.5270Bright WhiteGlossyA++
Ilford GalerieGold Raster Silk10.4290Warm WhiteSilkA+
Ilford GalerieHeavyweight Duo Matt13310Bright WhiteSmooth MatteA
Ilford GalerieHigh Gloss (DISCONTINUED)White Poly / Film7.0215Bright WhiteSmooth High GlossOptimalA++
Ilford GalerieMatte Cotton Medina22.0320Warm WhiteTextured MatteA++
Ilford GaleriePremium Duo Matt9.5200Bright WhiteSmooth MatteA
Ilford GaleriePrestige Fine Art Smooth (DISCONTINUED)13.0220Bright WhiteSmooth MatteA+
Ilford GaleriePrestige Fine Art Textured (DISCONTINUED)13.0220Bright WhiteMatte Rough TextureA+
Ilford GaleriePrestige Gold Cotton Smooth (DISCONTINUED)21.5330Natural WhiteSmooth MatteA++
Ilford GaleriePrestige Gold Cotton Textured (DISCONTINUED)22.5330Natural WhiteMatte Rough TextureA++
Ilford GaleriePrestige Gold Fibre Silk (DISCONTINUED)12.5310BarytaBright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA
Ilford GalerieSemigloss Duo9.8250Warm WhiteSemi-GlossA+
Ilford GalerieSmooth Cotton Rag19.1310WhiteSmooth MatteA++
Ilford GalerieSmooth Cotton Sonora19.0320Warm WhiteMatte Slight TextureA++
Ilford GalerieSmooth Gloss12.0310Bright WhiteGlossyA
Ilford GalerieSmooth Pearl12.0310Bright WhiteLuster / PearlA
Ilford GalerieTextured Cotton Rag19.7310WhiteTextured MatteA++
Ilford GalerieWashi Torinoko6.7110Warm WhiteMatte Slight TextureA++
InnovaCold Press Natural Rough Textured (IFA-13)20.5315Natural WhiteRough Textured MatteA++
InnovaEtching Cotton Rag IFA-2220.0315Natural WhiteSoft MatteA++
InnovaExhibition Cotton Gloss - (IFA-45)15.3335Warm WhiteLuster / PearlA+
InnovaExhibition Photo Baryta (IFA-69)12.4310BarytaWhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA
InnovaFabriano Artistico Watercolour Rag (IFA-108)22.0310WhiteRough Textured MatteA++
InnovaFabriano Printmaking Rag (IFA-107)22.0310Natural WhiteSoft Grain MatteA++
InnovaFibaPrint Ultrasmooth Gloss - (IFA-49)11.2285Bright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossA
InnovaFibaPrint White Matte (IFA-39)11.8280Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
InnovaSmooth Cotton High White (IFA-14)15.3315Bright WhiteSmooth MatteB
InnovaSoft Textured Natural White (IFA-12)18.1315Natural WhiteSoft MatteA
MoabAnasazi Canvas65% Polyester / 35% Cotton21350Bright WhiteMatte Canvas TextureA+
MoabEntrada Rag Bright 290 (roll)21.5290Bright WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalA
MoabEntrada Rag Bright White 19015.5190Bright WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalB-
MoabEntrada Rag Bright White 30022.5300Bright WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalB-
MoabEntrada Rag Natural 290 (roll)21.5290Natural WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalA
MoabEntrada Rag Natural White 19015.5190Natural WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalB
MoabEntrada Rag Natural White 30022.5300Natural WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalB
MoabEntrada Rag Textured 30022.5300Natural WhiteSlight Textured MatteOptimalA+
MoabJuniper Baryta Rag 30516.0305BarytaNatural WhiteSlight Texture Semi-GlossA++
MoabLasal Dual Semigloss 330 (DISCONTINUED)10.6330Bright WhiteSmooth Semi-GlossOptimalA
MoabLasal Exhibition Luster 30011.0300Bright WhiteLustre / PearlOptimalA
MoabLasal Photo Matte 23011.0230Bright WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalB
MoabLasal Photo Matte 23511.0235Bright WhiteSmooth MatteOptimalB
MoabMoenkopi Washi Kozo 110Kozo18.0110Natural WhiteSoft MatteOptimalA++
MoabMoenkopi Washi Unryu 55Kozo5.055Natural WhiteIrregular Kozo PatternOptimalA++
MoabSlickrock Metallic Pearl 26012.0260Bright WhiteGlossyOptimalA
MoabSlickrock Metallic Silver 300 (DISCONTINUED)12.0300SilverSmooth Semi-GlossA+
MoabSomerset Enhanced Velvet 22518.0225Natural WhiteVelvet MatteOptimalA
MoabSomerset Museum Rag19.0300WhiteSmooth MatteA
MuseoMuseo Max15.0250Natural WhiteMatte Slight TextureA
MuseoPortfolio Rag15.0300Natural WhiteSmooth MatteA
MuseoSilver Rag15.0300Natural WhiteSlight Texture Semi-GlossB
MuseoTextured Rag17.5285Natural WhiteTextured MatteOptimalA