How To Separate Awagami Kozo Double Layered Inkjet Paper

Awagami's Kozo paper is double layered; the top layer is made of "Kozo" - durable plant fibers made from the Kozo plant. The bottom layer is made from wood pulp. When separated, the top layer becomes an extremely thin, durable print reminiscent of traditional oriental scroll paintings. It is beautiful to hang as is or it can be easily incorporated into any collage work.

The process for separating the top layer of Kozo from the wood pulp backing requires a bit of practice and patience but it is well worth it.

Peel back one inch from the edge
Start at one corner and work the top layer from the backing layer across the short end of the print until you get about an 1 inch or so down.
Peel Carefully...
Use a cardboard, plastic or wood core and start rolling the paper as one sheet off of the backing. Do not try to peel it all with your fingers. You will probably have to have someone hold down the backing part to make it a bit easier. Just keep on going slowly being careful not to crease the paper in the process.
Remove Top Layer From Bottom
Continue to slowly roll away the top layer until the layers separate. Mission accomplished!