Inkjet Printing Clinic - Center for Photography Art - Carmel, CA

Date: 2022-08-25
Location: The Center for Photographic Art - Carmel, CA
Are you interested in printing your own photographs? Have you had issues with your Epson or Canon inkjet printer in the past? Have you ever made a print you were proud of or are your results inconsistent and don’t reflect your vision? Are you concerned about the cost of printing your own work?

Printing expert and educator, Eric Joseph, will be on hand at CPA to answer any and all questions related to fine art digital printmaking in this 3 hour, fun-filled and information-packed session. Eric will have a Canon imagePrograf Pro-1000 and and Epson Surecolor P900 on hand so you can see how each printer works and ask questions regarding the hardware, software and how these fabulous image-making tools can help fulfill your printing needs.

“As I see it, one of the great tragedies of the digital photography era is that we are taking more pictures than ever before in the history of photography and printing far less!” ~ Eric Joseph

Anything pertaining to fine art digital printmaking is up for discussion. Bring your questions, concerns and stories! We want to hear them and help you understand the printing process better. Eric will discuss many of the tips, tricks, myths and mysteries of inkjet printing and hopefully get you to understand and embrace the process, not fear it.

This is Eric’s third visit to CPA. They have all been well attended, so enroll early to reserve a spot! This CPA clinic can serve as a prequel to The Weston Collective’s intensive, day-long, hands-on workshop with Eric on Saturday, August 27.

Thursday, August 25, 9:00am – 12:00pm
$25 for CPA members, $50 for non-members

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All proceeds go to support The Center for Photographic Art Non-Profit Organization