Freestyle Remote Setup - Desktop Printer

  • $149.00

Congratulations on purchasing your Canon or  Epson Desktop Printer from Freestyle Photographic & Imaging Supplies! 

Note:  (This $149.99 flat fee applies to customers who’ve purchased their printer from Freestyle Photographic & Imaging Supplies only).  For other customers, the flat rate fee is $297.00. See Freestyle Tech Support. You will need 3 unit hours at $99 per.  

Our resident inkjet printer expert, Eric Joseph, will guide you through the mechanical setup of the printer, installation of all software and training on how to use your printer.  Eric guides folks through the mechanical set up of the printer using FaceTime for those who have iPhones and iPads or Zoom or Skype for those who have Android devices.

For the downloading and installation of software and training on how to print using Canon or Epson printing drivers and software, he uses a program called TeamViewer which is a “free for personal use” remote access software or Zoom’s screen sharing and remote access features.  

Printer installations take (on average) about 3 hours from start to finish.  Don’t worry, we aren’t on the clock or anything.  If it takes a bit longer it isn’t a big deal.  

We also provide continued support after you’ve purchased your printer.  Quick answers to simple questions are included in the price of installation. For more involved questions or training please purchase Freestyle Tech Support.

*Disclaimer:  Eric and Freestyle are not responsible for damage or loss of data due to customer error, faulty electrical connections or equipment failure.

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