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ADOX Adofix P II Powder Fix 1 to Make 1 Liter

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Mfg: Adox

ADOX Adofix P Generation II Powder Fix 1 to Make 1 Liter. The first product from the new ADOX Powder production. 


  • More homogenous powder with less clogging up.
  • New ADOX CAPTURA Dust Binding technology. The powder does not smell anymore and does not produce dust while mixing.
  • Aluminum-Compound bag for increased shelf life
  • Powder concentrate to mix 1000ml of working solution.
  • Acidic universal express-fixer for film and paper based on ammoniumthiosulphate.
  • The powder is extremely shelf-stable and the shipping weight is less than with liquid concentrates.


EAN: 4260243552810
Chemical Type Fixer
Liquid/Powder Powder
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