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Pamplemousse Magazine #9

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Fresh Voices.

Classic Formats.

Film Photography by Contemporary Artists

Pamplemousse Magazine is an independent publication committed to highlighting the work of up-and-coming and established photographers through photo features, essays, and interviews. The goal of Pamplemousse is to provide a platform for photographers and analog artists to share their work in print, and create something beautiful and inspiring for reader to hold in their hands.

Founded in San Francisco by artist Nora Lalle in 2021, each issue offers a thoughtfully curated selection of projects to serve as inspiration and encourage discovery. Pamplemousse features photographers who use film to create compelling work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary photography, while honoring and making the most classic formats.

Issue #9 - Love

This issue explores arguably the most intense, beautiful and complicated human emotion: LOVE. Self love, family love, romantic love, even love for a place or experience. The work in this issue will examine themes of connection, closeness and intimacy as well as heartbreak - the grief we all have to deal with when we love someone or something and the relationship ends in one way or another. Love is at the center of so many of our human experiences.

Feature Artists

  • Maggie Carey
  • Jamie Jaye Fletcher
  • Thalia Gochez
  • Sarah Mei Herman
  • Casey Joiner
  • Rashod Taylor
  • Alejandra Zapanta-Arroyo


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