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Now Supplied in Metal, DX-Coded Cartridges!

Introducing Karmir 160, a very rare daylight-balanced Kodak Aerocolor negative film spooled by the Lab Karmir located in the city of Yerevan, Armenia. This film features a high level of sharpness and contrast, producing images with bright, vivid, and saturated colors and a wide dynamic range. The film has warm reds and presents a balanced palette, with cool highlights, warm shadows, and standout blues and greens.

Whether you're a seasoned film photographer or just starting out, this film is a versatile and exciting option to try. Developing Karmir 160 is also convenient, as it can be processed using standard C-41 photo lab processing. Karmir 160 is a great alternative to both classic Kodak ColorPlus and professional Kodak Portra films, and its unique characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of shooting situations.

This film was rated at 160 after extensive testing to get optimal results but yields great results at a variety of ISO settings.

Color Profile

Warm tones, fine-grained, with medium contrast. It emphasizes reds while keeping other colors natural-looking, with a tendency to cool in the highlights and warm up in the shadows. This multilayer, color negative film is perfectly balanced for daylight exposure and has bright, saturated colors with enhanced blue and green tones, along with a wide exposure latitude.

Grain Style

The fine grain of Karmir 160 captures detailed nuances with a medium contrast, offering texture-rich images without being overpowering.

The grain of this filmstock is carefully crafted to provide excellent sharpness to the image. It is relatively small and professional-looking, especially when the film is well exposed. However, when the film is under-exposed, the grain can become more noticeable or pockmarked while still maintaining its carefully crafted structure. This allows for experimentation and the addition of a certain aesthetic appeal to the images.

Exposure Flexibility and Sensitivity

Specifically balanced for daylight, Karmir 160 boasts a wide dynamic range. Its large exposure latitude allows for significant flexibility, making it forgiving to over and underexposure. This adaptability ensures stellar results in varied lighting, whether outdoors or in studio setups.

Additionally, it handles push and pull processing well, making it an ideal choice for experimentation with exposure. Even when pushed to 800 ISO, the film maintains its quality and produces great results.

Exposure is one of the main ways to influence the final look of your images, including color contrast and grain. With Karmir 160, you can try exposing it between 50 to 800 ISO and see what look works best for you. So go ahead and experiment to discover the unique look that this film stock can bring to your photography!

Contrast and Clarity

With its medium contrast, it ensures a range from profound blacks to luminous whites, guaranteeing clear and poignant


  • 1 roll of 35mm Color Negative Film
  • Kodak Aerocolor spooled for still cameras
  • C41 Processing
  • 160 ISO, push/pull from 50-800
  • Metal, DX-Coded Cartridge



UPC: 614572910133
Film Size 35mm
Roll Length 36 Exposure
Speed (ISO) 160 ISO
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