Polaroid I-2 Instant Film Camera

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The expertly engineered Polaroid I-2 camera is the ultimate instant craft tool for those who are passionate about photography. Equipped with built-in manual controls and the sharpest lens ever in a Polaroid camera, the I-2 takes incredible pictures without compromising the unique Polaroid instant aesthetic.

The first analog instant camera with built-in manual controls

A Polaroid first, the I-2 has built in manual controls. Adjust the shutter speed, aperture size, camera mode, and see it all through the integrated viewfinder and external display. From the depth of field to Bokeh effect to motion blur: it's all in your hand.

The sharpest-ever Polaroid lens

The I-2 has a continuous autofocus 3-lens system, giving you the sharpest shots of any Polaroid instant camera. Pair it with the I-2's wider apertures and you'll create stunning, bright portraits with beautiful depth of field. Do things with Polaroid's unique film chemistry that you've never done before.

Designed for craft

The I-2's sleek black form is a direct result of its function, with the camera being built around its manual controls and the Japanese-designed lens. It's iconic, yet original. A craftperson's tool, in an elegant design.

Ge the best of the unique chemistry

The I-2 shoots with next-level clarity and detail, meaning you can do things with Polaroid unique film chemistry that you've never done before.


  • Shutter speed: 1/250 to 30 seconds including bulb mode of up to 99 hours
  • Aperture: From f/8 to f/64 for corner to corner sharpness
  • Lens: 3-element lens with continuous autofocus system with a minimum focus distance of 1.3"
  • Focal length: 98mm
  • Field of view: 43° Horizontal, 44° Vertical
  • Metering system: Center weighted single zone metering (60% metering coverage)
  • Flash: Vacuum discharge tube strobe with a range of 8.2' at f/8
  • Film type: i-Type, 600, and SX-70 films
  • App enabled: Android and iOS compatible with full camera controls
  • Mounts: Tripod mount and a built-in lens filter thread mount (49mm)


EAN: 9120096774034
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